[Tutorial 1]

How to Build Your Own Triplestore Using Table Data

  • Ryota Yamanaka(Oracle Corporation)

In this tutorial, the attendees will learn how to practically use the following semantic web features in a recent enterprise database, Oracle Database 18c.

  • how to build a triplestore and SPARQL endpoint
  • how to run OWL inferences and custom rules
  • how to convert table data to RDF using R2RML

The attendees are encouraged to setup hands-on environment before the tutorial according to the guide provided. It will be a Docker container on attendee's laptop or an Oracle Cloud instance.

[Tutorial 2]

Practical use of Knowledge Graph
- with Case Studies using Semantic Web Publishing tools

  • Hiroaki Morikawa(Fujitsu Laboratories Limited)
  • Kenji Kobayashi(Fujitsu Laboratories Limited)

Linked Open Data (LOD) has been recognized as an effective way to promote data sharing and to increase the social value of information. Currently many LOD datasets are published on the Web and their number and variety are increasing rapidly. However, the problems still remain in the ecosystem of Semantic Web technologies: e.g. how to publish our own data as LOD and how to develop applications and services based on Knowledge Graph combining multiple LOD datasets.

The first half of this tutorial will introduce the current state and challenges of LOD in both industry and academic fields, as well as the basic technologies related to the Semantic Web ecosystem. The second half of this tutorial will provide an opportunity to participants to step into solving real commercial world issues such as finance using a platform called “LOD4ALL” developed by Fujitsu. LOD4ALL provides a single-stop entry point that enable users to cross-search multiple LOD datasets from over 2600 datasets . Through this tutorial, we are confident for participants to deepen their understanding of the Semantic Web ecosystem.



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