Accepted Papers

Research Track

9. Elham Andaroodi and Frederic Andres. 
Ontology-based Semantic Representation of Spatial Configuration: Shape Grammar for Caravanserai Architectural Heritage

16. Denis Ponomaryov and Stepan Yakovenko. 
DeFind: A Protege Plugin for Computing Concept Definitions in EL Ontologies

18. Ricardo Soares, Jeff Z. Pan, Elspeth Edelstein and Adam Wyner. 
Knowledge Driven Intelligent Survey SystemS for Linguists

19. Kemas Wiharja, Jeff Z. Pan, Martin Kollingbaum and Yu Deng. 
More is Better: Sequential combinations of knowledge graph embedding approaches

20. Daniel Mercier, Hyunmin Cheong and Chaitanya Tapaswi.
Unified Access to Data Sources using an Ontology

24. Rubén Francisco Manrique, Christian Grévisse, Olga Marino and Steffen Rothkugel. 
Knowledge Graph-based Core Concept Identification in Learning Resources

27. Liang Zhang, Jun Shi, Guilin Qi and Weizhuo Li. 
Incorporating text into the triple context for knowledge graph embedding (Short Paper)

30. Weizhuo Li, Songmao Zhang, Guilin Qi, Xuefeng Fu and Qiu Ji. 
A graph-based method for interactive mapping revision

32. Johannes Fähndrich, Sabine Weber and Hannes Kanthak. 
A Marker Passing Approach to Winograd Schemas

42. Phuc Nguyen, Khai Nguyen, Ryutaro Ichise and Hideaki Takeda. 
EmbNum: Semantic Labeling for Numerical Values with Deep Metric Learning

43. Taneth Ruangrajitpakorn, Rachada Kongkachandra, Pokpong Songmuang and Thepchai Supnithi. 
Automatic Ontology Development from Semi-structured Data in Web-Portal: Towards Ontology of Thai Rice Knowledge

44. Christian Vogelgesang, Torsten Spieldenner and René Schubotz. 
SPARQλ: A functional perspective on Linked Data Services

51. Wai-Howe Khong, Lay-Ki Soon, Hui-Ngo Goh and Su-Cheng Haw. 
Leveraging Part-of-Speech Tagging for Sentiment Analysis in Short Texts and Regular Texts

54. Man Zhu, Weixin Wu, Jingyu Han and Jeff Z. Pan. 
Predicate Invention Based RDF Data Compression (Short Paper)

79. Jianfeng Du. 
Ranking Diagnoses for Inconsistent Knowledge Graphs by Representation Learning

80. Biralatei J. Fawei, Jeff Z. Pan, Martin J. Kollingbaum and Adam Z. Wyner. 
A Criminal Law and Procedure Ontology for Legal Question Answering

83. Ognjen Savkovic and Evgeny Kharlamov. 
Semantic Diagnostics of Smart Factories

85. Ahmet Soylu and Evgeny Kharlamov. 
Making Complex Ontologies End-User Accessible via Ontology Projections (Short Paper)

87. Takuto Asakura, Jin-Dong Kim, Yasunori Yamamoto, Yuka Tateisi and Toshihisa Takagi. 
A Quantitative Evaluation of Natural Language Question Interpretation for Question Answering Systems

91. Vidar Klungre, Ahmet Soylu, Martin Giese, Arild Waaler and Evgeny Kharlamov. 
On Enhancing Visual Query Building Over KGs Using Query Logs (Short Paper)

Special Session on Government Open Data

14. Junichi Matsuda, Yu Asano, Dan Yamamoto, Akie Mizutani, Hideaki Takeda, Ikki Ohmukai, Seiji Koide, Fumihiro Kato, Hiromu Harada and Shoki Nishimura. 
Publication of Statistical Linked Open data in Japan

15. Sungmin Joo, Hideaki Takeda, Akane Takezaki and Tomokazu Yoshida. 
Building the Core Vocabulary of Crop Names to Integrate the Vocabularies by Different Government Agencies

26. Fumihiro Kato, Hideaki Takeda, Shuichi Tashiro, Kenji Hiramoto and Yuzo Matsuzawa. 
IMI: A Common Vocabulary Framework for Open Government Data

35. Punnawit Budsapawanich, Chutiporn Anutariya and Choochart Haruechaiyasak. 
A Conceptual Framework for Linking Open Government Data based on Geolocation: A Case Study of Thailand

48. Dongpo Deng, Guan-Shuo Mai and Steven Shiau. 
Construction and Reuse of Linked Agriculture Data: An Experience of Taiwan Government Open Data

Special Session on Semantic Web for Life Sciences

21. Tatsuya Kushida, Kouji Kozaki, Takahiro Kawamura, Yuka Tateisi, Yasunori Yamamoto and Toshihisa Takagi. 
Prediction and Reasoning of Functions, Roles, and Applications of Chemicals Using Linked Open Data and Ontologies

31. Junho Park, Sungkwon Yang and Hong-Gee Kim. 
Integrated semantic model for complex disease network (Short Paper)

53. Atsuko Yamaguchi and Hiroyuki Toh. 
Implementing LOD Surfer as a Search System for the Annotation of Multiple Protein Sequence Alignment (Short Paper)

78. Sung Min Yang and Hong-Gee Kim. 
Semantic Navigation of disease-specific Pathways: The case of Non-small cell lung cancer(NSCLC)



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