Accepted Poster and Demo Papers

1. Building Structured Manuals for Elderly Care as a Computer Interpretable Knowledge Resource
Satoshi Nishimura, Lihua Zhao, Ken Fukuda and Takuichi Nishimura

2. Design and Implementation of a Standpoint-based Linked Data Visualization Approach
Hiroaki Morikawa and Fumihito Nishino

3. OWL Ontology Optimization using Constrained Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm for Reducing Load of Inference Enabled SPARQL Query Execution
Naoki Yamada and Naoki Fukuta

4. Dependency Parsing and bidirectional LSTM-CRF for Aspect-level Sentiment Analysis of Chinese
Huichao Xiong, Hua Yan, Zhixian Zeng and Binhui Wang

5. Content-Based Visualization System For Sentiment Analysis On Social Networks
Julio Vizcarra, Kouji Kozaki, Miguel Torres Ruiz and Rolando Quintero

6. WC3: Wikipedia Category Comprehensiveness Checker based on the DBpedia metadata database
Masaharu Yoshioka

7. Evaluating Semantic Interoperability of Government Open Data Portals
Cathy S. Lin and Hsin-Chang Yang

8. Mapping RDF Graphs to Property Graphs
Shota Matsumoto, Ryota Yamanaka and Hirokazu Chiba

9. T2KG : A Demonstration of Knowledge Graph Population from Text and Its Challenges
Natthawut Kertkeidkachorn and Ryutaro Ichise

10. Predicting Urban Problems: A Comparison of Graph-based and Image-based Methods
Shusaku Egami, Takahiro Kawamura and Akihiko Ohsuga

11. Knowledge Graph on University Campus Issues
Yuto Tsukagoshi, Takahiro Kawamura and Akihiko Ohsuga

12. Extraction of Functional Structure Graph from System Design Documents
Eiichi Sunagawa and Shinichi Nagano

13. Toward a Voice Querying on Smart Speaker via SPARQL
Takuya Adachi and Naoki Fukuta

14. Ontology, rule and DSL-based software re-engineering: a case study
Nuno Silva, Paulo Maio, Alexandre Gouveia, Evaristo Figueiredo and Rui Lopes



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Accepted Poster and Demo Papers


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