Keynote: [Nov. 27, Tue: 9:00-10:00]

Oscar Corcho

Oscar Corcho

Full Professor, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM), Spain



Oscar Corcho is Full Professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), and he belongs to the Ontology Engineering Group (OEG).

As part of his involvement in the Open Data Institute node in Madrid, Oscar leads the Spanish thematic network on Open Data for Smart Cities, where joint guidelines and vocabularies are being proposed for the harmonisation of datasets across open data portals in Spain. He has been also involved in the creation of the Spanish technical norm UNE178301:2015 on Open Data for Smart Cities, which proposes a maturity model to assess and improve the quality of open data implementations for cities, and on the ongoing OjoalData100 initiative for the identification of the 100 most relevant open datasets for cities. And he has advised on the implementation of the open data API for Zaragoza.

Furthermore, in 2013 Oscar co-founded Localidata, a company specialised on providing support on the implementation of open data strategies by cities.
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Ontology Engineering at Scale for Open City Data Sharing


In this talk we will present how we are applying ontology engineering principles and tools for the development of a set of shared vocabularies across municipalities in Spain, so that they can start homogenising the generation and publication of open data that may be useful for their own internal reuse as well as for third parties who want to develop applications reusing open data once and deploy them for all municipalities. We will discuss on the main challenges for ontology engineering that arise in this setting, as well as present the work that we have done to integrate ontology development tools into common software development infrastructure used by those who are not experts in ontology Engineering.

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